New Favorite: Bibicos Summer BB Luminiser

Christmas is fast approaching and in the coming days, I will be putting up reviews of beauty products that you can consider as a gift to your friends this year. Starting off with this cool new BB Cream that I’ve tried from Magic Potions.

In a nutshell, Magic Potions is an independent distributing company who brings a variety of the finest quality health supplements and skin care products–both imported and locally made brands–conveniently through their four stores in Metro Manila or even straight at your doorstep. They were kind enough to send me this Summer BB Luminiser last week and I was just too eager to try. 🙂

Ok, firstly, I super love the holographic packaging. What I love about Korean cosmetics is that they spend so much time prettifying the packaging, which I hope our local brands would follow.

You may notice that I rarely put up BB cream reviews on this blog simply because I do not use BB creams at all. I’m always hesitant to wear too much on my face and I prefer to keep it bare. Plus, I don’t really like the way most BB creams create a white cast on my face.

Luckily, this Bibicos Summer BB Luminiser doesn’t do that–no white cast and all, yay! So if you’re looking for coverage, this product isn’t for you. What this product does, though, is that it gives you a diffused healthy glow.

Since it doesn’t leave a white cast on your skin, this product is great across all skin colors. This is a multi-tasking product as you can even apply this on your décolleté for that sexy softly highlighted neckline or spread some on your legs for that shimmering runway-ready legs.

I really love the soft luminous effect it gives on my skin. The product goes on sheer so you can use this alone or you can mix it in with your foundation. During lazy days, I’d suggest for you to mix it with your daily sunblock, swipe on your favorite lipstick, then put on your favorite sunnies, and you’re good to go!

Bibicos Summer BB Luminiser is only available on Magic Potions for only Php750.00. Be sure to follow Magic Potions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for promos and updates.

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  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    It’s more of a highlighter to me. And it’s good! 🙂 The price isn’t that expensive either. I also like products that doesn’t provide too much coverage, so that my skin can still breathe

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