Breakfast at Kitchen1B: A Wholesome Alternative

I love having a hearty breakfast. When I was still working in the corporate world, breakfast is something I take for granted. It seems impossible for me to grab a bite before heading to office. I mean, I’d rather spend the time sleeping than eating. LoL. I’m sure you guys feel the same.

So, anyway, now that I basically have all the time in the world to control–plus, thanks to technology, I can just multi-task anywhere–I really love it when I get to have a nice breakfast, especially if it’s something that’s truly good for the body like what my beau and I had at Kitchen 1B.

Kitchen1B is the younger sister of Apartment1B, which is also by Chef Marivic Diaz-Lim. Both restaurants feature organic gourmet menu in Makati. This is Chef Marivic’s personal advocacy to spread the appreciation of good food after surviving cancer.

The long bar reminds me of a typical American diner. But, of course, the neutrals added that touch of “healthy motherly love” into it.

I love that even if there’s so many things going on in this small space, the place doesn’t seem to be too cramped up. You can actually have pleasant morning business meetings here at Kitchen1B.

Aside from these small standee menus and regular menu boards, Kitchen1B uses tablets (see my first photo above) for you to flip through their entire food offering electronically–how cool is that?

So, onto our food, I ordered my favorite tapas while my boyfriend got sausages. Love the generous serving of greens, by the way.

I’ve long stayed away from processed meat like hot dogs, SPAM, and whatnot. But knowing that Kitchen1B sticks to its value of serving nothing but healthy food makes me feel good about eating sausages–yes I can’t help but have a bit from my boyfriend’s plate so, yes, I shared my tapas with him as well. Hehe.

Kitchen 1B
GF, KL Tower, Gamboa Street, Legaspi Street, Makati City.
Tel: +632 403-5405, +632 843-2392, +63918-897-5877

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  1. banananutella Avatar

    I am happy every time I discover new places to eat who really serves organic and good food. Nowadays, most people prefer to eat organic meals because of health risks that processed foods can bring. Kitchen 1B’s furniture and other elements are homey and the tablets that customers can use to check the food offerings is really an attraction. I hope I can drop by at Kitchen 1B one of these days. Thank you for this post. 🙂

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