Long-awaited ME-Time at Ecru Nail Spa

My hands have been full lately since I’ve enrolled in Certified Digital Marketing Acceleration Program last Sept 26 (I will share this with you next week). Since I just took my final exam yesterday and was able to get a pretty neat score–96% yay!–I took it as a celebratory point to drag myself to a nail salon and finally have my nails done.

Tucked between the intersecting streets along busy Banawe is a quaint nail salon that deserves your visit. I found Ecru Nail Spa while searching for nail salons near Banawe and luckily it did not disappoint.

See their range of nail polishes? What I love about it is that you can pick any of these imported brands without an additional fee–unless, of course, it’s gel nails.

There was no time to waste. The staff ushered me to my designated lazy boy–yes, they use comfy lazy boys for all their mani-pedi customers–and I started with my foot soak.

I hate it when the nail technicians are chattering their way in between doing their nail jobs. Glad I didn’t experience any of that at Ecru. I’d normally head on to do my nails to clear my mind so it’s kind of irritating to hear them doing chismis while I’m having my nails done. So plus points for having staff who were all courteous and professional.

I picked a shade named Peony. I think this was China Glaze.

Ecru Nail Spa’s pedi-spa service is only Php350.00, which is cheaper than most nail salons that I’ve been to–and this includes the imported polish. I love the nice melon scent of the place and the ambiance is really relaxing. Below are the list of services for Ecru:

Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more info and promos.

Ecru Nail Spa
75-D N.Roxas St. cor. Banawe QC (turn at East West bank corner along Banawe)
02-5231376 or 0927-6788335
Open from 12nn-10pm Mon-Fri. 10am-10pm Sat-Sun

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2 responses to “Long-awaited ME-Time at Ecru Nail Spa”

  1. banananutella Avatar

    Wow! For Php 350 pedi-spa plus a good polish, such an affordable and good find! 🙂
    I really find pleasure in having my nails done esp. on my feet because they are the ones getting very tired from everyday walks to and from my workplace. Since I love spending quality time with my mother I will bring her there so that we can both avail of the pedi-spa. Plus, we also don’t like “chismisan” inside the spa because we’re relaxing and we deserve a quiet time but I appreciate those staffs who are talking to their customers so that they’ll feel at home. Thank you for this post! 🙂

  2. Ann Shaina Ng Avatar
    Ann Shaina Ng

    Awesome review on our place! Was just browsing for write ups and stumbled upon your blog. Thank you so much! We’re glad you enjoyed our service! See you again soon at Ecru Nail Spa!

    -Shai, Anna and Nel <3

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