BYS 2nd Anniversary Celebration + BYS Pro Launch

BYS Cosmetics, Australia’s fun & fashionable cosmetics brand, recently celebrated its 2nd year anniversary in the Philippines at Terraz Makati.

Hosted by fellow beauty blogger Shen, it was an intimate event to celebrate BYS Cosmetics’ strong presence in the Philippines, now with more than 120 outlets nationwide.

One of the biggest strengths of BYS Cosmetics is its ability to develop new products and take them to market at an affordable price, as shared by BYS founder Ed Aitken, who flew here all the way from Australia.

Ed Aitken, founder of BYS

The fun began when Berry Marfori, BYS’ PR Rep, showed us a trunk full of BYS Cosmetics, which includes their new Pro makeup line.

What caught my eye is the BYS Lip Tar, which is said to be as pigmented as OCC but is priced only at a fraction of the price. What’s great about the BYS Lip Tar is that it comes in non-drying matte finish.

The new Pro line includes the lip colour stick–which comes in 6 vibrant shades of reds, pinks, and purple. The formulation is matte but also non-drying.

BYS Foundation Primer preps the skin for makeup. By providing extra moisture and protection, it allows makeup to glide on easily to the skin and also makes blending a cinch. It comes in variants that tackle skin concerns: Hydrating for dry skin, Brightening that works against dull skin, Color Correction to even out skin tone, and the Luminizing primer that gives a natural glow.

My favorite, BYS Liquid Illuminators produce a pearlized, dewy effect on the skin. This liquid highlighter gives your skin a subtle dewy glow. Use a small amount of the product on your brow bone or right above your cheekbones to give your face a luminous and healthy glow. Or mimic a sun-touched look by applying these illuminators in the center of your forehead.

Here are some of the products from BYS’ new Pro makeup range. I’m particularly keen on using their multi-purpose angled eyeliner and HD microfinish powder so stay tuned for my review posts on that.

Currently, BYS has its eyes on innovative brow products with new brow pencils, an auto brow, and a game-changing brow kit which will be in Philippine stores next month.

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    I haven’t try any BYS products. 🙁 But thank you for always keeping us updated with the new line of make-ups! 🙂

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