CW Beauty Talk: Let’s talk about “Singapore Authentic” makeup

CW Beauty Talk

Hi Couchwasabi,

What can you say about Singapore authentic makeup? I have been seeing a lot of Singapore authentic products and they are almost always half the price from malls.

– Lynn

Hi there Lynn,

First off, please please DO NOT patronize ‘Singapore Authentic’ products. These days you can see them everywhere online: bags, perfumes, even cosmetics. And it gets confusing as these Singapore authentic may be deceiving as they look so much like the real thing.

But please keep in mind that there is no such thing as ‘Singapore authentic’ or ‘Hong Kong authentic’ or any other country saying they have the exclusive authenticity of a specific brand therefore they can sell it cheaper to the market. Having previously worked at P&G, I know that companies would delegate a specific country to manufacture a certain product line. For example, P&G Prestige in New Castle, England produces P&G’s line of signature perfumes all over the world (e.g. Escada, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, etc.). Therefore, as employees, we can get the products for a very low price when bought at the plant in UK. But even those are very controlled–meaning, each employee has a limited number of purchases allowed. This ensures that no one can sell off the specific product at a price that can imbalance the retail market.

I know it may be tempting to buy these ‘Singapore authentic’ goods as they are–like you say–almost always a fraction of what you have to spend when you’d purchase them from the mall. But if you look closer, I’m sure you’ll notice inaccuracies in their logo printing or even the quality of these Singapore authentic cosmetics.

When you think about it, rather than buy these ‘Singapore authentic’ products from shady online stores. Why not buy your cosmetics from trusted online stores like makeuphub, Digital Traincase, and Kering Keri Store? These are trusted online sellers that sell authentic cosmetics–and yes, they sell it lower than mall prices.

I hope this sheds some light to your concern. If there’s anything else, do email me at couchwasabi[at]ovi[dot]com.

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21 responses to “CW Beauty Talk: Let’s talk about “Singapore Authentic” makeup”

  1. Pat Avatar

    Not to mention these are potentially dangerous products, especially cosmetics! Who knows what’s in them?! brrr scary

  2. rhainshoebox Avatar

    Better get local products than these authentic singapore brands 🙂

  3. rhainshoebox Avatar

    Better get local products than buying authentic singapore items.. dunno why they were using that term either..

  4. Wendy Rose Flores Santillan Avatar

    how about kcosmetics that sells cheaper than mall prices here just because they said they’ve bought it straight from s.korea? 🙁

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I think those are valid. But make sure to have a sharp eye. I normally buy cheaper cosmetics from trusted online sellers or ask my friends who are in US to buy it for me so I know it’s authentic.

  5. fayeperezpasay Avatar

    Is makeup hub legit? I ordered something from them. I already sent them a payment as well as my deposit slip. It’s been 3 days and I did not receive any feedback. I did not receive my tracking no. and I’ve been sending them text messages and I did not get any reply. How else can I contact them??????

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hello Faye, I’ve heard of Makeup Hub through friends and I think it’s legit. But I’ve never personally bought anything from them. Maybe you can try Facebook (if they have).

  6. fayeperezpasay Avatar

    It’s been 4 days. I already paid and I have already sent them my payment as well as my deposit slip. We were actually communicating but after I have made the payment they were no longer replying. I did not receive any emails as well. I am not so sure anymore if they are legit 🙁

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Omg i’m sorry to hear that. But I can not personally vouch for them as well as I have never bought anything from them.

  7. kaye Avatar

    im using sg authentic nothing to worries same as branded cosmetics…

    1. hikaru Avatar

      many of my friends using it .. & nothing happens to them. ung iba kasi alam nmn tlga nilang sg un bgo pa sila bumili.. ung mga reseller nmn gusto lang nila kumita kahit papano. s tingin q its up to us kung bbili tau or hndi.. knyan knyang choice nmn ang tao. let’s not criticize who uses & who sells.. d nmn lahat ng tao afford ang worth 300 na lippies.. jut saying

      1. CouchWasabi Avatar

        Hello, I’d agree with your position na it’s okay as long as the buyer is aware of what they’re buying. Again, different stroke for different folk–and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
        What I disagree with is that these SG cosmetics are sold at bazaars with a hefty price claiming they’re the real thing. Simply put, SG cosmetics are knock offs so the buyer should not be made to believe that these are ‘authentic.’

      2. Acey Avatar

        Totoo girl. Ako nagbebenta ako ng SG Cosmetics, at the same time ginagamit ko din siya pagkaka nag memake up ako ng customers ko, sinasabi ko naman on hand na hindi original yung iba kong ginagamit, oo lang sila ng oo kasi kahit sila daw mismo bumibili din ng SG. So aun, hindi lahat ng tao kaya yung mga mamahalin. Alam din naman namin kung ano yung pwede maging results pero tried and tested na din namin, siguro hiyang nalang kami. Pero its good to know na may ganitong blog, ngayon ko din nalaman na wala pa lang SG term talaga. BWAHAHA!

  8. Charmaine Avatar

    Better be safe than sorry:) maraming murang cosmetics sa market na safe.. hindi naman kailangan yung branded peke naman.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Yes! I totally agree!

  9. Bryce's Mum Avatar
    Bryce’s Mum

    Depends where you buy the makeup from. Of course if it is from Sephora Singapore then it is authentic. 🙂

  10. Angelica Avatar

    I’m using the SG Authentic Lipstick for 10months from now. Wala nman nangyari hindi maganda. Its your choice nman kung bibili ka o hindi.

  11. Lychee Avatar

    I’m a use of SG Cosmetics. I’ve been using it for three years pero wala nmang nangyayaring masama Sakin . Nasa tao na lang yan kung gusto nila bumili at gumamit ng mga yan .

  12. Kiosk Avatar

    Y cheap kasi 7% lng sales tax s singapore 17%corporate tax… while philippines 12% sales tax 30% corporate tax..ung mga manufucturer locally ssbihin sa mga pinagdidileviran nila..syempre ung iba my ibng supply din s ibng manufucturer

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I honestly don’t think that’s the case.

  13. Shampi Avatar

    Been using a year of that SG cosmetics and nothing happens very bad. And i also compare them sa local brands, so parang the same lang. Yun nga lang they imitate the branded name to have a high sales. Business eh. Pero i think, local brand din un na nilagyan ng branded name for people to purchase.. have also breakouts kapag di hiyang sa product, but then sa sg auth cosmetics wala naman nagpa pop up 🙂 i hope walang paraben no? Kasi danger daw yon. Just saying. :))

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