Shoo Away Mosquitoes with Home Life Citronella Products

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For some weird reason, our house has been infested by mosquitoes lately. It was quite odd to have mosquitoes this much during summer. So we were thinking, how much more if it’s rainy season/dengue season? Then it will be more dangerous. Also, mosquitoes are carriers of heartworm that is fatal to cats and dogs. We’ve tried fumigating our house but we noticed it’s not the long term solution. The next day, these pesky blood-suckers are here again.

I heard in the news a couple of days back that citronella plants are being sold by street vendors lately due to the same mosquito infestation cases in Metro Manila. We already bought citronella plants even before the news came out. But it can only help as much. We have also installed those UV Light bug zappers. Yes, those zappers kill mosquitoes but the next day there will still be mosquitoes flying around. 🙁

While checking Ace Hardware today, I saw these Citronella gels for a little over Php100.00 and decided to give it a try. I bought one today to give it a try and placed it by the window of my bathroom. Since it’s impossible for me to put a live citronella plant inside my room and I don’t really like putting on citronella candles, this thing worked really well. It’s more effective than the citronella spray I have. My bathroom has no more mosquitoes in it. Now I’m planning to buy more and put them around the house.

The good thing about this product is it’s organic. It’s a DEET-free insect repellent so it’s safe for humans. If you’re not into the scent of citronella, Home Life has its versions with Lavender, Lily or Jasmine in it.

Home Life has a whole line of citronella products that can help you shoo away mosquitoes. Check out Home Life on Facebook here.

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2 responses to “Shoo Away Mosquitoes with Home Life Citronella Products”

  1. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    yay this would be great! i would get for our house and will send some to my parents house! thanks for the reco!

  2. d3dawn Avatar

    It’s not working for me. Does it have to be by the window or something? I have it in our home and I can still see mosquitos flying around. I even made a point on putting the can by my feet and I still got bitten on my leg. 🙁 I’m afraid of Zika by the way, as I’m pregnant right now.
    I’m thinking of hanging it on the electric fan, see if that works better.

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