CW RECIPE: Weekender S’mores

This is a simple recipe I learned from my amazing 16 year old sister. It’s yummy yet very easy to prepare–a quick snack that you can enjoy this summer 😉


  • Graham Crackers
  • Big fluffy marshmallows
  • KitKat

  1. Lay the graham  crackers on the oven toaster pan just like the photo above.
  2. Flatten the marshmallows using your hands and place them on the graham crackers.
  3. Put 1-inch piece of KitKat (or any other chocolate you prefer)
  4. Heat it in the oven until the marshmallow is a little toasty (about 3-5minutes is good)
  5. Sandwich both marshmallow toppped graham cracker and chocolate topped graham cracker together and enjoy! <3

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Happy Monday! Bisous!

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