Houcaller Steak: Sizzling Steak, Pasta, and more! (Xiamen, China)

If we have Sizzling Pepper Steak in Manila, China has Houcaller Steak as their most famous steakhouse chain. Houcaller Steak(house) offers the Western mix of sizzling steak and pasta in a Chinese laced setting.

In 2007 the first Houcaller opened in Changsha. Today the chain has at least 6 branches in Changsha and other branches across China. What made Houcaller a success is that they are very competitively priced. With meals ranging in CNY40.00-CNY60.00, which includes a complimentary tea drink, soup, bread, and bottomless salad bar, Houcaller is one of the go-to chains among students in China.

Each meal is served on a sizzling plate, wherein the meat and the egg will be tossed and turned by the server. At an afforably priced meal, you get to have a slab of tender meat served at your choice of cooking (you can specify the number of minutes the meat will be cooked for well done or medium or whatnot). Since your pasta is served on the same sizzling plate, expect your pasta to be swimming in oil–but that’s okay.

Overall, the experience is delightful. It was my first time to try sizzling pasta anyway.

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