Dermax Professional Sulfate-Free Gel Cleansers

I have long been a patron of Skinstation, even when they were still under Godiva. I’ve had my first packages of IPL hair removal done and sclerotherapy done years ago. Those were the days when they’d have to ice your pits before zapping the hair with laser. I remember driving myself to Skinstation on weekends to have my IPL done.

What I like about Skinstation is their quality of work. By this, I’ve never had an awful experience since 2008. I have even referred my family to have theirs done there, too.

Now there’s another reason to love them more.

DERMAX, an in-house brand of derma products specially formulated by Chemist and owner Fred Reyes, is here to take away the harsh ingredients of your usual skincare product into a more health-safe and skin-friendly version.

Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for all the bad ingredients of your cosmetics to enter your bloodstream? Scary. That’s why I was so delighted when they wanted me to try DERMAX Gel Cleansers, which are all sulfate-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free.

Both cleansers are very mild and they don’t foam up. This is because sulfate or SLS, the ingredient responsible for foaming, is eliminated. Sulfate is also a hormone disrupting chemical that has been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption.

I love that these DERMAX Cleansers uses natural cleansing agents so they effectively cleans your skin without stripping them off of its natural oils. My skin feels clean, smooth and soft after every wash.

DERMAX SoGentle Gel cleanser (Php420.00 250mL) and DERMAX AcneX Pore Clearing gel cleanser (Php580.00 250mL) are exclusively available at you favorite Skinstation branch.

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6 responses to “Dermax Professional Sulfate-Free Gel Cleansers”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    they were only available on their clinic ms jirbie? do we need consultation first before getting/buying this product? i think i saw skin station in mall near our area..

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      No need for consultation. 🙂 Just go to any SkinStation branch.

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    That’s pretty interesting. And medyo kaprice din ng Bifesta so okay na. 🙂 I hope those would be available in Watsons para mas accessible. 🙂 So, do you still wash it off with water? O parang eskinol lang na leave it on after.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      You’d have to rinse it off with water 🙂

  3. justdoitmarian Avatar

    I will check this out, sometimes my skin needs a milder cleanser lalo na kapag na exposed sa harsh chemical or ingredients ng make up. There are times that I feel my skin is burning after ko magmoisturizer. :/

  4. Bough Avatar

    Would like to try this! 🙂

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