Yukinohana: Japanese and Korean Fusion

I craving for a good serving of California Maki last Friday while I was caught in traffic on the way home. My beau and I were running out of good Japanese food restos to think of when we passed by Yukinohana along Timog.

It’s not like it’s our first time at Yukinohana, but I really love that they served this free appetizer instantly–salad greens with mango dressing.

Their California Roll was a mix of kimbob (Korean) inside and California maki (Japanese) outside. I guess this would’ve been nice on a normal day but I was feeling to have some real mango and kani (crab meat) rolls that day.

However, this Beef Dadaki was the bomb. It’s basically raw beef slices sprinkled with fish roe and spring onions. What tickled my tastebuds was the sauce that you’re supposed to dip these meat into before indulging in its awesomeness.

The owners thought we were Koreans so they chatted with us for some time. They told us that this dish is actually from Japan. Pretty unique offering, methinks.

Unit C Ignacia Building,
33 Timog Avenue, Tomas Morato,
Quezon City
(02) 709 5748

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2 responses to “Yukinohana: Japanese and Korean Fusion”

  1. justdoitmarian Avatar

    Their version of california maki looks good, but if I also had some cravings too I will go on the traditional japanese california maki 😀 The serving of beef dadaki were sumptuous. I think I already tried the beef dadaki, but in ramen. Yung toppings sa ramen. If budget month, naghohoard kami sa shangrila supermarket ng mga sushi, mas mura at same taste din sa mga japanese restos. ^_^

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I love California maki. But medyo di ko bet if it is paired with kimbob. :/ Haha. Anyway, I’m also not a fan of raw food so I might not like Dadaki. And you really look like Korean! I thought nga you can’t speak tagalog when we first met. 🙂

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