FacePixie: My Best At-Home Skin Care Device

People often ask me about my skin care routine or how I maintain a youthful skin. But, I think having a “youthful skin” doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, genes would play a role, to some extent, but I do feel that my lifestyle, over the years, is a key here–*that* and tons of help from my favorite, FacePixie Beauty Wand.

For starters, this FacePixie Beauty Wand has 8 beauty functions, all in one portable device: Cleanse, Moisture, Facial RF (Thermal Heating), EMS, Chromatherapy (Red, Green, and Blue light), and Cryotherapy.

I’ve had my FacePixie since 2018, and I’ve always appreciated how much it helped my skin bounce back especially when I’m having my monthly bouts of hormonal acne. My favorite among its functions are the Blue Light therapy, which is specifically for acne-busting; and Cryotherapy, which I believe is uniquely FacePixie. These two functions are my best bet if you want to hasten the disappearance of acne marks and eliminate under eye puffiness.

Aside from its functions, one of the things I truly appreciate about my FacePixie Beauty Tool is its portability. I love that I can easily slide this in my purse and take it during my travels, as each device comes with a pretty pink velvet pouch.

Over the years, FacePixie has launched other skin care tools and even a skin care line, but this FacePixie Beauty Wand remains to be on top of my list. I do enjoy using this with my favorite FacePixie Alcohol-Free Calming Mist and their moisturizing serums. To note, their skin care line is formulated in Canada while the device are all Korean technology.

Pre-pandemic, when I was still having lots of out-of-home appointment, I’d always have my FacePixie in tow and productively use the time stuck in traffic as my mobile facial session by enjoying Blue Light therapy while I’m on the road braving the rush hour.

This tool is priced at Php15,999.00. They used to have a website but, as of today, I can’t find it anymore. Their Instagram, however, remains responsive to queries.

If you’re interested to try FacePixie, you may check them out via https://instagram.com/myFacePixie. Use code JIRBIE20 to enjoy an auto 20% off to your FacePixie Beauty Wand order. Stay youthful, my wasabis! ?

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  1. Headphonesthoughts Avatar

    All of these skin care devices sounds so good. I would totally try them out. Currently I use face cleaning brush for my face.

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