Product Review: Teviant Brow Duo in Empress

I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about Teviant since its launch and so I was really curious of actually trying out their products.

For starters, Teviant isn’t really an affordable brand. In fact, price-wise, it’s considered mid-tier to high end. For this brow duo, the original price is Php995.00. Good thing I was able to snag this for at 70% off.

For Php285.00, I think it’s already a good buy. I got this last June 1st, even before the famous 6.6 midyear sale. As of this date, I see it’s back at Php495.00 on Shopee but you can score it at Php285.00 via Teviant’s official website.

Looking at the ingredients list, nothing seems to be too special about it. I do like to note that this product is Made in Italy and not from the usual Fabriqué en Chine.

Teviant’s Eyebrow Duo is available in 3 shades Empress, Queen, and Highness. I picked Empress as it is the most cool-toned among the three.

SWATCH TIME. I loooove the buttery smooth consistency of this brow powder. As you can see, it fills in very well even with the creases on my fingers–this simply shows how well it goes in filling in your brows!

Color deposit is just as impressive. Each color shows high contrast against each other but blends perfectly well when applied on top of each other. This provides a good range of natural-looking coverage for your brows.

Teviant Eyebrow Duo promises softness and spreadability for a truly natural-looking pair of arches. It is formulated to double duty: to fill an unclear eyebrow arch or draw colored strokes and increase the volume effect.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this purchase. However, if you’re meticulous about the manufacturing date, I’d have to disclose that this was manufactured way back in 2018 with a 24M upon opening sign (as shown in the engraved code at the back of the box 180901). But I’m not complaining since this is a pressed brow product hence it’s pretty stable and the risk of contamination may be lower versus your eyeshadow or lipstick.

Anyway, have you tried anything from Teviant? Which is your favorite? Let me know through the comments!

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