Happy 1st Birthday, Princess Yoona!

It’s Yoona’s first birthday and we had an awesome time celebrating it over the weekend. As you all know, Yoona is my meowdel cat who appeared on national TV last month and I am just too proud of a pet-mom to say that she’s 18y.o. in human years, therefore she’s a lovely debutant today.

We had Pepper, her escort, to dress up in his tuxedo–thanks to Doodles Paw Couture–as we prepare Yoona’s birthday cake.

Princess Yoona’s birthday was celebrated with her sibs Pepper, Twinkle, and Star. Plus, all the strays on the village who visited us last Sunday had a piece of cat cake from Whole Pet Kitchen.

Obviously my cats loved this amazing cream cheese fish cake (Php795.00) laced with silvervine (additional Php15.00). In a matter of seconds, Yoona’s cake looked like a zombie cat of they ate up the frosting delightfully.

We cut the cake in half and shared some to the cats outside. They all loved it too and fell asleep outside our house right after. Haha! I think it’s the silvervine kicking in.

Anyway, I would also like to thank this amazing Filipino artist Buhay Mendoza for creating this awesome oil painting of my cats having a good time. 😉

Thank you to Doodles Paw Couture, Whole Pet Kitchen, and Buhay for making Yoona’s birthday special. <3 <3 <3

Yoona would like to thank all those of you who continue to take in stray cats and keep them safe in your homes.

If you are planning to send Yoona a gift, please send it as a donation to The Philippine Animal Rescue Team (P.A.R.T.) and help us build a NO-KILL SHELTER. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. <3 <3 <3

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4 responses to “Happy 1st Birthday, Princess Yoona!”

  1. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar

    Yoona must be really lucky to have you as her owner. She’s really pampered. 🙂 Happy birthday Yoona! And I super love the cake! It’s so cute.

  2. Jheza May Abalos Avatar

    Happy happy birthday, Yoona! You look stunning in your gem-embedded fucshia gown! 🙂

  3. doseofrain Avatar

    hi Yoona ang cute mo =) i will show this to my younger sister since she’s the one taking care of kimi

  4. eddiellibungay Avatar

    Wow! ang cute ng cake!! Happy Birthday! 🙂

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