Holy Week 2014: Camaya Coast

It’s been a while since I have been to anywhere for Holy Week. Since my balikbayan aunt is around, my mom decided to bring the whole clan for a beach getaway in Camaya Coast, Bataan.

The staff in Camaya Coast is always the friendliest and most accommodating. We were late for lunch but they waited for us until our arrival at around 2-ish.

After our meal, my sisters and I decided to take a dip in the beach.

Luckily, I was able to bring my waterproof pouch. I was able to take photos while in the water.

And so this is my view…

My youngest sister, who is a beach first-timer, had so much fun playing with the sand and catching crablets.

At Php700.00++/pax, with lunch included, we were given stubs to enjoy water activities. But we weren’t able to make use of them since a lot of people were in line to try it out.

I would love to raffle these off to my readers but the stubs were valid only for the same day. So anyway…

We decided to check out their infinity pool.

My sister is obviously having the time of her life.

What I like about the pool is that it’s herbed. The same smell when you go to ACE Water Spa or Korean Jjimjillbangs (water spa).

What’s great about Camaya Coast is that it’s now open to the public. A quick search in group buying sites can give you coupons to get to Camaya for a cheaper price.

If you’re interested to check out Camaya Coast this summer, I highly suggest for you to take the ferry as it took us 5 long hours from Manila to Bataan because of the volume of people going out of Manila during Holy week.

You can check out my previous post about Camaya Coast to learn how to go there by ferry.

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17 responses to “Holy Week 2014: Camaya Coast”

  1. Kristine Franco Avatar
    Kristine Franco

    Hi. This is great! I would like to ask if you have any idea how much will be the round trip ferry boat transfer? Though I know there are packages sa mga online sites, but I would like to avoid the packages via ensogo or metrodeal kasi hassle yung mga booking. Thank you.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi! I’m not so sure but I think it was around Php400.00++ per head

  2. HappySoul Avatar

    hi nice post! How much did you pay per head? 🙂 Thanks

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi! It was only Php700+ per head. I know they’re having a deal right now in one of the coupon sites as well. You can check those out.

  3. Jas Avatar

    Hi! Thank you for this post! May i ask for your contact person in camaya? I called one of their agents and she told me that the ferry ride round trip is 1900 per person.. I think that’s too much.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi Jas! I’m not sure if they have increased. It was 3 years ago when I took a ferry to Camaya and the resort was not yet open to public. They were still developing at that time and the roads to Camaya Coast is not yet fixed, maybe that’s why it was cheaper. There was no other way to reach the resort but by ferry. Please refer to my older Camaya post for the contact details. Thanks!

      1. Jennifer Avatar

        Thanks for the review! May I ask if you can use the cabanas or other covered cottage for free or just the chairs? We wanted to experience white sand 🙂 since we dnt have a budget yet for a boracay trip…

        1. CouchWasabi Avatar

          Hello Jennifer! Yes, you can use them for free 😉 The package includes stubs for you to enjoy water activities. 🙂

    2. Jennifer Avatar

      Hi jas, i also wanted to visit camaya and saw a deal at ensogo with round trip bus transfer (manila-camaya-manila) for P1,300+ i guess its a good deal with lunch too and other perks!

  4. iamjenicejoy Avatar

    great post! We”re booked in Camaya on June 14, reading your blog makes me more excited 🙂

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Thank you! Enjoy your trip!

      1. iamjenicejoy Avatar

        By the way can we bring food like chips, soda, water?

        1. CouchWasabi Avatar

          I think so. I remember we did 🙂

          1. iamjenicejoy Avatar

            Great! Thanks much! 🙂

  5. Em Avatar

    Hi. May I just ask if Camaya Coast is reachable by bus? Or going to the resort is really through ferry boat? We plan to go there by commuting only but we don’t have really an idea if it is feasible. Thank you.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I think it’s better if you go by boat. 🙂 not sure with the bus routes though.

  6. Clauds Avatar

    Hi! Do you have a contact person in camaya?, where can I book directly? Thanks ?n

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