My Big Bad Wolf Order Finally Arrived

TODAY IS THE DAY! After a little over 2 months, my BBW order is finally here. Let me share with you my experience on the first ever Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Online Sale.

I placed my order last June 30. I wasn’t able to get all the books I wanted as some went out of stock quite quickly–including Neal’s Yard Essential Oils Book.

But I did end up getting the rest that was available.

I checked the prices on Amazon first before purchasing and realized I’m actually getting them all at around 50% off if from BBW so it was a GO.

The waiting game, however, is the WORST. I’ve never attended Big Bad Wolf in person, as I’m too scared of the lines (from what I heard about the long lines). But since it’s the pandemic, everything is done online this year. All the books were shipped straight from Malaysia hence the long wait.

I think another thing to point out is that I wish the books were packed inside a corrugated box. Mine were just wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap, then in an ordinary courer bag. Sadly, the corners of my books weren’t in good condition–just as what you can expect in the handling of our local courier. 🙁

Needless to say, I didn’t really enjoy my first online BBW experience. I could’ve just bought the Kindle versions of it, as I prefer electronic book copies.

Anyway, it was an experience but an experience I wouldn’t want to happen again. There were many times I told myself that I wish I didn’t even order at all–the long wait is just…so long. A lot of other customers still haven’t received their orders yet. I was able to place my order on the first day of the sale so you can just imagine how it goes for the others who placed their orders later.

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