As an Aromatherapist, I Chose to Get Vaccinated

Last July 12, I was lucky enough to get fully vaccinated. Although we don’t really have a choice as to which brand of vaccine each can get, again, I was lucky to receive my full dose of Pfizer shots.

Considerably, I’m one of the first 10% (or less) of the population to get vaccinated in the Philippines. I registered as under A3 or categorized as an adult with comorbidity–to which I had some sort of a priority. A lot of the people in my age still haven’t had a chance to get theirs, especially those that are residing outside of Metro Manila.

Our vaccination site was one of community schools in the city. It took me the whole day for my first jab–it wasn’t as organized as I hoped it would be…still I was grateful when I had my first dose. All I could think of is that at least that’s one foot inside the door.

Our second dose, three weeks after, went smoother. I think it was about 1-2 hours for the entire process. Again, since we were filed as under A3, we were lined up first to receive the shots.

My Pfizer vaccine went smoothly, I didn’t get any fever or anything, I remember I just slept more the next 2 days I had my second dose. I drank a lot of water, too. Overall, it was no biggie, honestly. I really don’t understad what the big fuss is all about.

I’m just grateful that everyone in my immediate family has decided to get vaccinated–even all the helpers in our homes were vaccinated. As an aromatherapist, I appreciate the concept of natural immunity, but I also understand that what we’re dealing with is beyond what we’ve ever imagined. And perhaps it may take years for our immunity to be able to evolve and fight this off naturally.

I’ve already lost a few relatives due to Covid. I’ve heard my classmates losing their loved ones because of Covid. Just this morning, our hired driver passed away because of Covid. And while I believe that there are things that we can fight off with our immunity naturally, Covid is something that we should take seriously. Now that the vaccine is available (and free!), I don’t see the reason why people are still so averse of getting it. All the fearmongering around getting vaccinated has done nothing but to let us suffer for more losses.

Yes, the vaccines are still on trial. Just like some of the Rx meds we’ve been taking. But evidence shows that those who are in the ER right now and are suffering severe symptoms all around the world are those WHO CHOSE NOT TO get vaccinated and those who chose NOT to wear a mask.

So if you care for your family, your loved ones, and your friends, I hope you can influence them to get their jabs done. DON’T WORRY–I, and my family, still haven’t turned into a zombie. 😉


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