Pasta Delizioso at Grissini Ristorante

It’s always a toss between pasta or Japanese food for me whenever I’m looking for something to eat. So one day, I was browsing through my Instagram to check out new places to dine, I stumbled upon Grissini Ristorante. I did a little more research about it on Google… et voila! I found myself sitting at one of their tables, ready to make an order.

Grissini Ristorante’s first branch is in Naga, where the owners are from. In Metro Manila, here is Marikina is their home. It’s easily found on Waze so don’t worry.

Grissini is known to have their own vertical herb garden where they freshly pick the herbs used for cooking. Oh, and word on the grapevine, their pasta is downright delicious!

I ordered a plate of Pasta Alla Vongole (Php265.00), which is basically pasta with clams in olive oil. What I like about Grissini’s version is that it has Parma ham in it–something that I don’t normally see in other restaurant’s Vongole. 🙂

Try out their Salmone Rosa (Php385.00)–it has a small serving of pasta, some greens, and two full slabs of salmon. The slight spiciness of the pasta complements the taste of the baked salmon.

I love ravioli and it’s not common to find ravioli in most Italian restaurants here in Manila. And since I love ravioli, I couldn’t pass up the chance tasting their Ravioli di Spinaci (Php220.00). This one’s basically spinach ravioli with feta cheese in cream sauce.

The Spaghetti Maremonte (Php228.00) was also a delight with its lightly spiced sauced with mixed in seafood to the pasta.

Ossobucco Milanese (Php380.00) is beef shank braised with vegetables, white wine and broth.

Oh, and they now have smoothies! I picked out strawberry carrot smoothie. I was a bit disappointed since I was expecting fresh strawberries in it. I think they only used strawberry syrup to mix in the carrot shake. 🙁

The overall verdict? Each dish was certainly one for the books! Their food tastes richer and would always have an added ingredient or two compared to versions from other (more famous) restaurants. Plus, the price is reasonable for its serving!

Oh, and they have desserts like macarons, cakes, and pannacotta. I was eyeing the blueberry cheesecake but I was too full to try some so… maybe next time! 🙂

You can check their menu here. For more info about Grissini Ristorante and their promos, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Grissini Ristorante
Lot 3, Block 4, Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, Santo Niño, Marikina City


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    The meals are so appetizing, I love eating pasta dishes and I think this restaurant is worth a try. Thank you for this post! ?

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