Pampered Like A Goddess at STG Luxury Spa

Hidden between the busy streets of Greenhills is a homey spa tucked in Eisenhower Street. Get ready to experience a new twist to your normal body slendering and firming treatments at Serve the Goddess (STG) Luxury Spa.

Serve The Goddess (STG) Luxury Spa just opened their doors at Goldland Tower in Greenhills. I was given to choose a treatment for that day: a facial treatment, a slendering treatment, or their breast firming treatment. I decided to go for their slendering treatment.

My treatment started with a foot soak before I was ushered to the room. I was expecting RF or cavitation machines to be used when I chose “slendering treatment” but, boy, I was in for a lovely surprise!

Before starting the treatment, the therapist warned me that the treatment may hurt. I was curious since there was nothing else in the room but 2 massage beds. I was then told that the slendering treatment is actually a hard massage, specifically designed to aid lymphatic drainage. The slendering benefits would actually come from the products that will be used.

STG specializes in Touch Therapy–meaning the treatments do not involve machines at all. My slendering treatment is basically a well-crafted hard massage with the use of ProYoung products that were handpicked by owner Ms. Flor Brioso Santos from Malaysia. These products, consisting of massage oils, mineral crystals, creams, and masks, are all natural and organic.

The therapist would check on my from time to time–if the massage was just right or if it’s too hard for me. Since my pain tolerance in quite high, I really enjoyed my slendering massage without any qualms.

What I love about the treatment is that it’s as if you have worn Slendertone, but everything’s done machine-less. And this “RF-feeling” on my abdominal area is still there even a day after the treatment. I swear, it’s that good.

In a world where everything is done mostly by machines, it is quite refreshing to experience a “machine-less RF cavitation treatment.

ProYoung SeriAsia Inc., who operates Serve The Goddess (STG) Luxury Spa, is a lifestyle partner of Maxicare Health Corporation. They are also a partner of Gold’s Gym Philippines as their official spa operator initially for 4 clubs located in Centris, Glorietta, Bay Area and Chinatown. ProYoung is the official in-room spa service provider in Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay and Magnolia.

To know more, visit their website at You may also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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