PhotoDiary: Side-Tripping to Casapsapan Beach, Aurora

During our short trip in Baler, we were taken by the locals around and had a side trip to the nearby beaches in Aurora. One of the notable beaches we went to was Casapsapan Beach.

If you’re not into strong waves and surfing, Casapsapan Beach in Casiguran is just an hour drive away from Baler. I swear you’d instantly fall in love with its white or light-colored sands and pristine crystal blue waters.

Obviously, I wasn’t ready for this trip! Who wears jeans to the beach anyways? lol. The view is really beautiful, kaya muni-muni muna. Joke.

Casapsapan Beach is a virgin beach. So if you’re love getting close to nature and wandering in undeveloped beaches, Casapsapan Beach is perfect for you. There are no resort facilities. Just the sand, the sea and Mr. Sun. Bring your own snacks and beer. And don’t forget to CLAYGO (Clean as you go!).

Entrance is Php10.00 per head. Mura na!

Oh, and in Casapsapan Beach, you’ll notice these intricately designed sand bubbles created by sand bubbler crabs.

While eating, the crabs ball the excess sand on their heads, then discard it when it gets too big for them to see over — leaving behind a remarkable-looking reminder which helps them keep from searching for food in the same sand twice. –

They don’t bite, don’t worry. Hobby lang nila mag-create ng art.

So, anyways, I hope you enjoyed this short post as an alternative place if you’ve already been to Baler. My next post will be to South of Manila naman! Have a great APEC Week, dolls!

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3 responses to “PhotoDiary: Side-Tripping to Casapsapan Beach, Aurora”

  1. Brittany @ The Writer Abroad Avatar

    How fun, these pictures are stunning! Sometimes the most memorable experiences are the ones that are right out of the way.

  2. banananutella Avatar

    Ang ganda! I really love the beautiful beaches and tourist spots/destinations here in the Philippines. 🙂

  3. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Super love the beach. I’m so busy lately at work that I can’t take even an SL. :/ Pero this coming December, may lakad kami ni boyfie na walang makakapigil. Haha. I really miss the beach. And that one is so pretty. I love virgin beaches. Di gaanong crowded and commercialized

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