Product Review: Essence Cover Stick

Alas, my favorite concealer has been phased out again. So I was up to find another concealer that would work well during tough weeks of work. I initially thought of going back to Body Shop’s Tea Tree concealer but I thought it might be a good idea to try another brand of concealer and discover something new.

My last concealer was CoverGirl Olay’s concealer pot. I loved it so much because of the amazing coverage and the way it perfectly matches my skin. Yup, that one didn’t give me racoon eyes the way Body Shop sometimes did.

I was checking out Watson’s and this Essence Cover Stick caught my eye. It’s very affordable so in case it doesn’t work as brilliant as I expect, it won’t be too hard on the budget. At Php169.00 I think this is a pretty good deal.

I’m really not into China-made cosmetics so when I checked the label and found that this is made in Germany, Essence Cover Stick is definitely a go.

I have been using this for weeks now and so far so good. It blends well and has a matte coverage. It’s smooth enough to glide on skin, unlike the way Body Shop’s Tea Tree concealer stick tugs my undereye. Coverage is mid, though. But you can build it up so that’s fine.

This is not my HG concealer but for the price, I think it performs well. I’m still eyeing Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer.

How about you? What concealer do you use? I’d love to know!

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3 responses to “Product Review: Essence Cover Stick”

  1. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar

    I’m not into concealers but what I’m using now is the one I bought from HBC. That’s pretty cheap too but works perfectly for me. This great find of yours is interesting ha. I’ll buy that nga when I run out of Essence Matt powder. 🙂

  2. doseofrain Avatar

    im not a fan of china made cosmetics too.. its true.. im a bit afraid of the chemicals they may use as one of the ingredients (like when i tried new brand from nichido — thinking it was made in china.. i was wrong.. i immediately put one in the shopping basket after seeing that it is made in Czech)

    i got the chance to try Essence goodies (the lippie.. the e/s palette, mascara and blush) and what i love about essence is they’re affordable and budget friendly

  3. marianaprils Avatar

    New brand to try 🙂

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