Product Review: Lipcote The Original Lipstick Sealer

If statistics say that an average girl eats 4-7lbs. of lipstick everyday, I have probably eaten 14lbs already. I can’t seem to find a good lipstick that stays put no matter how long wearing they claim to be. It’s not really about the lipstick, my habit of licking and biting my lip unconsciously is the real culprit.

So when I heard about Lipcote, it really piqued my interest as it might be “the one.” Lipcote is  such an easy product to use. Just dab on some product after lipstick application, wait for it to dry, et voila! Expect longer wearing lacquered lips!

Too good to be true? We’ll see…

I was so excited to try this out and even record the long wear claim. I have been using it for two days now and I’m really impressed. I used it with my Clinique Chubby Stick Intense since the product never seems to stay even for just an hour. I thought my chubby stick would be the best benchmark for experiment.

So I normally went on with my first application of lipstick in the morning around 6-7am and applied Lipcote over it. There was a slight tingling sensation, but it was manageable. However, I don’t think you can use this if you have chapped or overly dry lips as I could imagine the torturing pain.

Anyway, after lunch, I checked on my lips at around 1-2pm, it was impressively intact. Normally, my lips would be pale at this time. With Lipcote on, although my lipstick wasn’t as bright or fresh as the first application and I see some dry patches, I was pleased that I still had some lip color on.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, of course! It’s going to save my lips from looking weirdly pale when I’m out at night.

Stay tuned for my Beauty Battle product comparison of Lipcote and the local version that I was able to buy also at Beauty MNL.

Check out Beauty MNL to buy Lipcote. Plus, it’s actually on sale right now at Php316.00 (regular price is Php395.00). Oh, and you can enjoy an additional 20% off if it’s your first purchase!


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7 responses to “Product Review: Lipcote The Original Lipstick Sealer”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    yay i just wonder how you remove your lipstick before sleep after using lipcote?

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Just lots of soap and water? Haha!

      1. doseofrain Avatar

        woot hahaha i thought so ms jirbie hehe

  2. marianaprils Avatar

    Yey! I can’t wait your review on the other product. I just got recently discovered the lipcote that’s why I bought it. Your right it’s not really good to put on if you have chapped lips that’s why my remedy is a lip balm.

  3. Stacie Avatar

    Have you heard of Clio’s Lipnicure? The product claims to be transfer proof, smudge proof, budge proof and I saw a lot of blogs saying that it’s true to its claim! Maybe you’ll be interested in it, there are online fb resellers 😀

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Haven’t heard of it but I’d love to try!

  4. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I have the same mannerism with you. I lick or bite my lips all the time, especially when I feel it’s getting dry. haha. So I don’t mind reapplying. Sometimes nga I use 2-3 colors within a day. Haha. I’ve hear nga lipnicure is long wearing daw. As well as the peripera tint. I just haven’t tried it though. Lipcote is pretty impressive ha. Kaso nga lang, recently I have chapped lips, due to the cold weather here in Antipolo. So I don’t think I can use it at the moment.

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