Product Review: Lumee iPhone LED Case

Hello, dolls! Did you miss me? 🙂 I have been busy–and still am–because of school. I have been taking Digital Marketing courses, but that’s another story.

So anyways, if you’re watching KUWTK, I’m sure you’ve seen this Lumee Case. It’s been the famous Kim Kardashian case that turns your iPhone into the ultimate selfie phone!

Basically the case has warm LED lights on both sides so it’s like a little vanity mirror. And you know how vanity mirrors make you look pretty with all the even lighting right? Same concept for Lumee. You get to have soft and beautiful light for your selfies anywhere, anytime.

The Lumee case is available for iPhone 5 users and up. I think it also has some units for Samsung phones.The case is well-built and fits perfectly to your phone. It’s a hard case so once you pop your phone it, it may get a little challenging to take it off.

Each Lumee case comes with a USB charging cable. The case itself has a charging jack at the bottom, parallel to your iPhone’s charging slot. In about 30 minutes or when the charging indicator turns blue, your Lumee case is fully charged, which can last for about 2 hours at full brightness.

I super love my Lumee case and I have been using it every day. My friends–who are obviously not a fan of KUWTK–were all surprised when they first saw it. So funny.

What I love most about the Lumee, aside from you can totally control the dimness of the light, is that the battery lasts a really long time since you only turn on the lights as you take selfies or Snapchats. In fact, I have only charged it once since getting it. Speaking of Snapchat…

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  1. Iris Avatar

    It’s so sexy to add bling to your gadget. Very Kardashian-esque, indeed. I would like to take Digital Market courses but no time for school. Do they offer online courses, as well? Thank you.

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