Product Review: Yoko Sun Screen for Face SPF 50 PA++

As a golden rule, NEVER ever go out in the sun without  sunscreen of at least SPF 30–especially when the sun is at its peak from 10AM-3pm. I never really bothered putting on sunscreen until I noticed sun spots started to become more visible on my face. Sure, freckles can be cute. But when you’re asian and you have fair skin then some browns spots, I don’t think that comes anywhere near to being cute. >.<

I’m sure you know I’m a big fan of Aveeno’s SPF100. But since the product is not really sold in the Philippines and I had to ask my friends from the US to buy it for me, I had to take a quick stop at Watson’s and get myself an alternative with this summer’s painfully scorching weather.

My first consideration for a facial sunscreen is that it should be grease-less. Sunblocks for your face and for your body should always be separate as the sunblock that you see for the body is usually greasy, which is never suitable for the sensitive skin of your face. Second is that it shouldn’t leave a white cast on your face.

I’m really happy when I tried Yoko Sun Screen for Face SPF 50 PA++ and it passes my two qualifications. It has a light powdery scent and is very light-weight. You can feel that your skin can still breathe even with this product on. It’s totally non-greasy and it dries clear.

Yoko Sun Screen for Face SPF 50 PA++ is made in Thailand but is available worldwide. What’s great about this product is that it’s currently on sale at Watson’s for only Php199.00 (30g). Each tube is perfect for you to slip in your purse and protect you anywhere you go.

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4 responses to “Product Review: Yoko Sun Screen for Face SPF 50 PA++”

  1. Wendy Rose Flores Santillan Avatar

    wow! 199?! amazing! i’ll try one coz now im suffering a sunburn in my face and shoulders.. can u do a blogpost about how to heal a sunburnt skin? im treating it with lotion and moisturizers but i can feel that it’s not enough to heal it. thanks!

  2. Mel Tapia Avatar
    Mel Tapia

    Where to buy this yoko sunscreen in Manila this Dec 2016? I used to buy it from Landmark Supermarket but were out of shelves since April 2015.

  3. Anne Avatar

    Very nice yoko sunscreen for face SPF 50 PA+++ my face become flawless pinkish thanks for sunscreen

  4. JB Avatar

    I love this product, it really protect my skin from the sun damage, most especially here in KSA the temp reached 47+ . thank you Yoko Sunscreen for face SPF50Pa+++.

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