Dining at Modern Toilet (Xiamen, China)

Dining at the famous bathroom-themed restaurant Modern Toilet in Xiamen is one of the highlights of my trip. Originally based in Taiwan, Modern Toilet boasts a quirky experience in dining by adding poop and washroom designs on your food plate.

Owner Wang Tzi-Wei, an ex-banker, felt the success of his ice cream shop that sold swirls of ice cream served in mini toilets. This gave him the light bulb moment to build a restaurant filled with fun and witty ambiance revolving around the idea of toilet. Hence, Modern Toilet.

The chain of Modern Toilets started in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Now it has chains in mainland China, Hong Kong and with future locations planned in Macau and Malaysia.

Guests enjoy sitting on actual unworking toilets adorned with poop designed pillows while their food is served on plastic miniature toilet bowls or urinals.

Photo Credits: MJ See

There are dishes served on regular plate or bowl. But you can add CNY10.00 for them to place it on a toilet bowl setting.

The food is not that spectacular but the overall experience is fun and memorable. Price point is okay. If this will be brought in Manila, I think Modern Toilet would fare well (price-wise) with the likes of Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak or Yabu.

Calling out franchised restaurant business owners: please bring Modern Toilet to Manila as the witty and light-hearted Filipinos will surely be delighted with this experience.

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