Want Quality IPL Sessions Starting at Php300? Go to HairX

Forget about scoring cheap IPL sessions via group buying sites and finding yourself in shabby IPL/waxing centers that makes you wonder if they even have business permits.

Here’s HairX Hair Removal Center situated right at Eight Forbes Town Road. But don’t let the posh setting intimidate you, as you can have quality IPL sessions starting at Php300.00!

Hair X, the latest neighborhood hair removal clinic in the country, aims to make IPL hair removal (and laser-based skin and facial care) accessible, affordable, and available to more Filipinos.

Ms. Glenda Gow, managing director of HairX, shared how she’s a fan of IPL hair removal and thought of making it affordable ti Filipinos without skimping on quality. And by quality, we mean to say that these machines are all imported from Israel, which is a country known for its top-notch laser hair removal technology.

One of Hair X’s brand new, cutting edge pulsed light technology is called Forma IPL System.

Forma IPL System features a dual pulsing technology, making the hair removal procedure very comfortable. It emits a unique flash, characterized by a very short pulse duration and high energy at the same time. These standards optimize the way energy hits the hair root and renders the treatment efficient, safe and painless. So even if you have a fair skin and blonde hair or olive skin with dark hair, the machine can effectively zap the hair away without worries.

Aside from hair removal, Hair X also offers facial services in the form of its signature facial and the Aqua Peel treatment, which cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin using an especially designed machine that removes impurities and infuses treatments.

What I love most about HairX is that they actually offer these services at low prices. I personally can’t wait to have my treatments done!

HairX is conveniently located at Eight Forbes Town Road and is open daily from 11am to 9pm. See you there! xx

2/F Eight Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig,

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2 responses to “Want Quality IPL Sessions Starting at Php300? Go to HairX”

  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Really? For just 300 pesos? 😀 Can’t wait for your review. One of the major factor that hinders me from getting an IPL treatment is the price. I’ve heard pa nga that even expensive IPL treatments are not that effective kaya talagang hesitant ako. :/ I hope effective yan talaga

  2. Ms Via Avatar

    Great post I will definitely be trying this clinic as it is so affordable. I am a bit skeptical about the effectiveness though. But I need to try first. ? Thanks for sharing..

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