NEW FAVORITE! Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence

I caught a terrible fever bug last week which left me stuck in my bed for 3 days and this has caused my skin to become really dehydrated and dull. Over the weekend, I went to my favorite dermatologist, Dra. Julie (Jeannie’s Facial Clinic) to have my intensive diamond peel with Vitamin C session just to get rid of my dry patches.

Coincidentally, friends from Etude House sent me this amazing new product–Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence. I have been using this at home to help bring my skin back to life, and boy, this has got to be my favorite addition to my skincare routine since!

Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence is a bottled up goodness for the skin. Essentially, it is a brightening moisturizer. It has the minerals & nutrition of Tahiti black pearl to give the skin moisture & sheen so it helps to make the skin glow like a pearl. It is infused with aurora particles, which are made in the process of the fermentation of vegetables, reflects various lights according to the array of particles & temperature since these are natural vegetable sparkling elements. Finally, Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence containes clear ocean deep water which is rich in minerals to help make your skin texture smooth and clean.

I love that Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence has a pretty much light consistency (believe me, I have always been uncomfortable putting on serums because of our local weather…). I would normally give one or two pumps on my palm and rub it together before patting it on my face down to my neck. I would normally add a little more if I feel there’s some area I haven’t covered yet.

The product is transparent so there is no problem in putting it on in the morning, just before your apply your makeup. It dries on quickly, too. But I also make sure to use this product at night, just before I sleep, as this is when our skin is undergoing its recovery time.

And in just 3 days (and nights) of using Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence, I have noticed that my skin is a lot softer… In fact, it’s soft as a baby’s bum! The dry patches on my cheeks and around my mouth have been gone. This product is really hydrating and it’s hypoallergenic so it doesn’t cause any reactions even to those who have the most sensitive skin. ๐Ÿ™‚

Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence (100ml) retails for only Php898.00. Check out other Etude Houseโ€™s products by following them on Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. I’m all about brightening skincare products. Pretty expensive for a 100ml bottle but it seems like a really good product to try and to restore skin’s natural softness especially during the bipolar weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

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