The fastest way to get your NBI Clearance

After years of staying in the same company, I have totally forgotten how difficult it is to get your NBI Clearance. I just got mine yesterday and here are some tips I could recommend if you are planning to get yours at Robinson’s Galleria.

Step 1: Go to and fill up the online application. Print the form upon completion. You would need to bring this form and two (2) ORIGINAL valid IDs when applying for your NBI Clearance.

Step 2: Be there early, like 10am early. As soon as you reach any NBI Center, always approach the guard or ask for a number to queue in line.

Step 3: Wait for your number to be called and process your payment. Prepare Php115.00 and present your valid IDs at the counter.

Step 4: Go to the line where the Biometrics are taken. If your name appears as “NO HIT,” you may claim your NBI Clearance on the same day. If your name prompts as “WITH HIT,” meaning someone else has the same name as yours, you would have to come back for your NBI Clearance at a later date.

You can see that it took me another hour to finish my clearance after paying for it. Don’t be overwhelmed by the sea of people. There are hundreds of people applying for NBI Clearance everyday. Here are some tips:

  • Be there early and make sure you have 2 ORIGINAL valid IDs with you (NSO Certified Birth Certificate, SSS Card, TIN Card, UMID, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, Passport, Postal Card)
  • Always go to the guard first and get your number. I was there at 10ish and my number’s already at 184 (1PM). The time on your number is just an estimate on more or less when your NBI Clearance will be processed. Mine was delayed for an hour so expect to have some delays if you have other plans for the day.
  • You can roam around the mall before you are being called to pay for your NBI Clearance. After payment (Step 2), there are no numbers given so it’s first come first served when lining up to the Biometrics  (Step 3).

It took me one whole day to get it done. Hopefully your name won’t have hits or else you would have to come back and line up again for releasing.

Good luck!

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